• The purpose of LTRY’s Woman of the Week is to profile women from all walks of life.  This is done in an effort to highlight the similarities, differences and the shared experiences that come along with being a woman.


    Name: Stacy Swearengen

    Nickname: The Portable Career Planner

    Age: 29

    Relationship Status: Married

    Number of children: No children yet

    Occupation: Career Coach and entrepreneur

    Passion/Hobby: I love helping military wives find their calling and then make it into a portable career.

    Favorite song to dance to: This is a hard question because I love dancing. As long as it’s upbeat, I will dance—however I have fond memories of dancing to “Numa numa” at my wedding with a synchronized dance.

    Favorite book: Left Behind

    Dream job: Thankfully, I am doing it!

    What I like most about myself (inner): My introspection

    What I like most about myself (outer): My eyes

    One thing that makes me proud to be a woman: We have this unspoken, subtle ability to transform family dynamics. We have so much power within the various roles we fill as women, but we have to learn how to respect that power and not abuse it. It is truly a remarkable, profound thing.

    What does self-love mean to me? Knowing who you are, inside and out, and appreciating all you are—from the flaws to the features.

    My advice to all women: It’s okay to be who you are, but it’s also okay to have insecurities. We all do, and at some point in all of our lives, we’ve had doubts and fears. We may still have them. Acknowledge them, but don’t let them dictate your life.

    Website: http://www.portablecareerplanning.com

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